Researcher-Scientist of Glaciology-Geomorphology and GIS

My research field is the glacial-geomorphological study of the mountain glaciers and their mapping by using geo-information systems (GIS). I also study the mass balance of the glaciers and the dynamics of the glaciers against the background of climate change by using remote sensing methods. I also study  the old glaciation and the reconstruction of the glaciation in the Late Pleistocene and Holocene.
Contact: Mob.+(995)599395915 Tel. +(995)0322391752




nino lomidzeNINO LOMIDZE

Researcher-Scientist of Climatology

My research interest concerns to snow climatology. I study dynamics of snow cover in mountainous parts of Georgia. I study spatial variation of snow cover by using of MODIS snow products and interpret them in GIS. I also study the atmospheric circulation that affect on weather patterns especially in winter period.
Contact: Mob.+(995)599654793





Researcher-Scientist of Geography and GIS

My research field is study of the geodynamic processes, especially glacial processes. I work to create different kind of thematic maps with helping of geo-information-systems (GIS), use analyzemethods of these maps and learn dynamics of the glacial processesin mountainous part of Georgia. I am also interested in cartography and in geodesy. I study the modern technologies and computer programs to use its new methods in my research.
contact: Mob: +(995) 574 50 50 52







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