Doctor of Geographical Science, Professor, Glaciologist and Geomorphologist

Dissertation Topic: Modern glaciers of Georgia and evolution of glaciation in the mountains of Eurasia. Participated in glaciological and geomorphological expeditions (throughout the Eurasian continent). 1965-2012 – in the Caucasus region (North and South Caucasus, Colchis lowlands, south Georgian upland, Armenian upland). 2003 – Eastern Anatolia. 1991 – in the Himalaya (Central Himalaya, Jomolungma-Shishapangma section) and central Tibet. 1990 – Tibetan mountains. 1990 – Thyan-Shan. I984 – Altai. 1983 – Kopet Dag. 1982 – Kamchatka. 1978 – Shpizbergen (Svalbard, Norway). 1972 – Zaili Alatau (large and small rivers almaatinks, Tuiuksu Glacier). 1967 – Pamir (Muksus River and Obikhingou River gorges). Author 9 monographs and approximately 130 articles (Georgian, Russian and in English languages).
In 2000 he was awarded the Medal of Honor.




Academician, Doctor of Geographical sciences  

Studies are mainly concerned of climatology issues, environmental protection and pollution. He was one of the first scientist (In former Soviet Union) who started snow cover research for environmental pollution monitoring. In 1951 Dr. Feofan was appointed as Deputy Chief of Hydro-Meteorological Management of USSR. In this position he worked until 1959. In 1960, he was elected a full member of the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR and as a Chairman of the Department of Earth Sciences of the Academy.
In 1962 he became director of the Institute of Geography named after Vakhushti Bagration, which he led by the end of his life.
Foefan Davitaia is an Author of author of 300 publications, 11 monographs. The most important of these works (about 30’s) published abroad. He was chairman of the editorial board in the preparation of the Climatic Atlas of the USSR, one of the leaders of the working group in the preparation of the Atlas of the Georgian SSR, participated in the creation of Atlas of Cuba. His services were appreciated and he was awarded the State prize of the Georgian SSR, USSR State Prize, was awarded the Grand Medal of the Geographical Society, the Gold Medal of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba.
Feofan Davitaia served as deputy chairman of National Committee of Soviet Geographers, as a vice-president of National Geographic, twice – for the congress 1972 and 1976, as a president of Geographical Society of Georgia. He was a professor at Universities of Moscow, Sank-Petersburg, Tbilisi and University of Wisconsin (USA).










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